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Buzz Williams is Right About the NCAA Basketball Selection Committee

We are unabashedly fans of Buzz Williams, the Texas A&M basketball coach (full disclosure: I know Buzz personally). Texas A&M was left out of the 2022 NCAA basketball tournament on Sunday. The NCAA basketball selection committee is tasked with selecting and seeding teams for the NCAA’s marquee event. Following Tuesday night’s Texas A&M win in the NIT, Williams read an emotional statement about his team’s sleight from the NCAA tourney. He also provided reporters with his analysis of all the at-large selections compared to Texas A&M’s resume.  

See the analysis he references here: Texas A&M analysis of 2022 NCAA bids.pdf.pdf

Just like we take a data-driven approach to our investment approach, Buzz makes a compelling case about the selection committee not following a data-driven approach in the selection of teams. We find it hard to believe that conflicts of interest (we're looking at you Bubba Cunningham, Notre Dame grad) aren't involved in the selection process and Williams is right to question the process and the people behind it.