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Smart. Detailed. Evidence-Based. 

Investment Management

We have confidence in the power and efficiency of capital markets to provide positive returns over time. Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that strategies designed to capture these returns will provide a better investment experience for our clients over the long term.

Our portfolios use funds focused on capturing market returns, avoiding risks that don’t add value, and reducing costs. We believe our investment approach puts the odds of a successful investment experience in your favor. The bedrock of our investment philosophy is based on the strategies developed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA blends the best of academic finance with sophisticated implementation to produce market-based, low cost investment portfolios that have stood the test of time. We call this approach evidence-based investing.

There are several key tenets of evidence-based investing:

  • Diversification reduces risk. By holding entire market components, and diversifying both within and across asset classes, one maximizes the benefits of diversification.
  • Risk and return are related. By “tilting” the portfolio to “value”and “size”and “profitability” factors, the investor can expect to capture the highest market return given his or her risk tolerance.
  • Sophisticated trading (i.e. providing liquidity to other investors) can enhance returns
  • Markets work. Markets reflect fair pricing almost instantaneously upon release of any good or bad price-related news.

We’re eager to share more about how our approach can help you achieve the investment experience you desire.