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Strategic. Comprehensive. Goal-Oriented.


It Starts With Planning

Nearly everyone in the financial services profession claims to do financial planning, but few do it comprehensively and independently (that is without a bias toward a commission driven sales recommendation). A financial plan is not a three-ring binder that you place on the shelf at home. It’s not fancy charts, web portals or Monte Carlo simulations.

A brick home offers a great analogy. Nearly 20% of the surface area is mortar. Standing from afar the mortar is hardly visible, yet the mortar not only binds the bricks together, it also subtlety influences the appearance.

Financial planning is the mortar binding the various pieces of your financial life together. Yes, it requires tools and software. It also requires professional discernment, communicating the costs and benefits of various strategies, and helping quantify risk in terms you understand. Your financial plan also changes and evolves over time, just like you do. It requires refinement and adjustment, and like navigating a ship, may require mid-course corrections along the way.
Over the course of our engagement we review and analyze the following key areas: 

• Investment Strategy / Advice on 401-k
• Risk Management / Insurance
• Wealth Transfer / Estate Planning
• Income Tax / Cash Flow
• Retirement Planning
• Educational Funding
• Charitable Gifting

We review our findings and partner with you to implement any necessary changes, coordinating with other professionals when necessary. We monitor progress toward goals on an on-going basis and proactively identify issues as your circumstances change over time.