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Invisible? Or Invaluable?

“What is invisible, is often most valuable.” – Buzz Williams


I find that my work with clients shares some of the same qualities exhibited by successful coaches from the world of sports. Athletics have been a huge influence in my life, and many of the lessons I’ve learned on the court or field have made me a better husband, father, friend and advisor.

A recent press conference with Texas A&M basketball coach Buzz Williams struck a chord with me. He talked about the ceiling that exists on talent, but his belief that no ceiling exists on the intangibles of a team – competitive spirit, selflessness, work ethic, a collective sacrifice to get better. All are intangibles; but when those things exist in abundance, success is sure to follow.

I think the same holds true for my work with clients. The greatest gift I can give to a client is my enduring commitment to work on their behalf. Often, more focus is placed on the investment component of a financial advisor’s service, since investment performance is quantifiable. The reality is, I can’t promise top-quartile investment results every year. What I can do is deliver portfolios that are time-tested to produce a successful investment experience over the long term.

By contrast, financial planning is an area where I can make an impactful difference.  Yet, the value of financial planning isn’t tangible - the binder of projections and analysis. Those are tools to help further a conversation, to assist in seeing the range of possible outcomes. What few planners are willing to concede is that even the best plans are wrong - for the simple reason we don’t know with certainty what the future holds.

The most valuable “deliverable” I provide is when unexpected life events occur. By applying my two decades of wisdom, knowledge and experience, I can help clients navigate the unforeseen and provide valuable peace of mind. A trusted advisor who knows and understands you, and who has the time and talent to thoughtfully conceive and carefully manage mid-course corrections, is by far the most valuable benefit one gets from working with us.   

What is invisible is often the most valuable - in life, in sports, and in working with a financial planner.