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June 2022 Tradewinds


We’ve been using investment funds from Dimensional for nearly two decades. Here’s an interesting profile of Dimensional co-CEO David Butler (who had a cup of coffee with the Boston Celtics). 

 Fund manager Cathie Wood bet big on high-flying tech stocks and took investors along for a wild ride. 

 The ultra-rich aren’t like everyone else, they pay less tax. 


Human Interest

I find Dave Chappelle wicked smart, insanely funny and a ninja in the art of making us all face uncomfortable realities. His deft handling of his controversial transgender comments is a lesson in how to find common ground. 

Scientist are still learning about the most famous pandemic, the bubonic plague, which appears to have originated in central Asia and spread to Europe via the Silk Road.  

Four years ago, Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy designed to reduce the cost of generic drugs. This month a Harvard research study concluded Medicare could save over $3 billion a year using Cuban’s pharmacy. 


What I’m Reading, Watching and Listening to

Hustle on Netflix

So Help Me Golf: Why We Love The Game by Rick Reilly 

Sam Hinkie – Find Your People podcast

The Knowledge Project: Best of 2021 podcast

Extreme Ownership: How Navy Seals Lead and Win by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin