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New Insights on Planning for Retirement

Guidance in retirement planning is the number one reason people contact us. Let’s face it – personal finance can be overwhelming for most folks, and you don’t get a “do over” with retirement!

Over the last month I’ve accumulated some interesting data on retirement that might be of interest to our readers.

  • On average, people retire 4 years earlier than expected.
  • Planned and actual retirement ages converged at 61.  
  • Only about 25% of US households are on track to have the retirement savings they need.
  • Personalized advice is the most effective intervention for getting one’s retirement on track.
  • No single prescription fits everyone – an experienced Certified Financial Planner can help. More often than not, getting on track doesn’t require extreme austerity, but rather small adjustments across a number of variables.

If you have questions we’re here to help. Irrespective of whether we’re a good fit or not, we always strive to get people who contact us the professional assistance they need.