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Our September Reading

September 2019 Trade Winds

Football is in the air - the warm winds of summer’s wreckage are found in September’s passing days. As summer fades we’re happy to share some of our reading from the past month.

Are we in a recession? Will the inverted yield curve lead to a recession? The uncomfortable truth is the future is unknowable, and as this recent blurb from Five Thirty Eight points out, economists are exceedingly bad at predicting recessions.

We all face demands that make living a balanced life challenging. Several years ago I started practicing yoga and found it to be a wonderful salve both mentally and physically. I’ve recently added cycling and pickleball to my fitness regime and I heartily endorse both. I found this recent article a great reminder of the importance of life balance and that achieving it need not be complex.

About a decade ago I had the opportunity to chat casually with former Senator Bill Bradley about politics. I remember Bradley observing that political compromise was increasingly difficult, due largely to the fact that in his estimation only about 35 seats in Congress were competitive as a result of gerrymandering. The issue has only gotten worse, and here’s why.

As a kid baseball was my passion and I loved collecting baseball cards. My kids, who are children of the digital age loved the Backyard Baseball video game. They also loved Big League Chew. Here’s the amazing story how two baseball guys created an iconic kid’s candy product. 

In our July edition we shared the story of NFL player Kenny Moore’s random act of kindness and how it transformed a stranger’s life. One of our clients shared this profile of Kenny that we found heartwarming.

Finally, and as a segue from the story above, we would like to share a story we think is worthy of your support. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15-24. The Broughton High School community has grappled with two suicides in the last few months, one of which hit particularly close to home for my family. My friend, Jill Highsmith, shares her story and asks for your support for the Walk of Hope coming in October.

If you would like to support Walk for Hope, click here.