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Three Charts That Have Our Attention- February 2024

If you are curious about what’s going on in the market or economy we’d like to share some charts / graphics that we think are insightful.

Small Cap Update. Small cap stock valuations appear attractive. We are slightly overweight small caps.

Passive v. Active. Index and passive funds now represent a majority of all mutual funds and ETFs. At Ark Royal we believe in low cost, evidence-based investment funds that efficiently capture market returns. Learn more about our investment philosophy.

The Benefit of Working with an Advisor. Individual investors frequently avoid investing during market declines, waiting until markets have risen before investing. A good advisor can reverse this “sell low, buy high” cycle by providing a valuable sounding board and instilling investment discipline.

Whenever you're ready, we’re here to help you.

The benefits of working with a fee-only advisor are namely expertise, time, and objectivity. You can schedule a no-obligation call with us to learn how we work with you to simplify, organize, and clarify your financial life.